What will make your MSP stand out from the rest?

Know how to "talk business", not tech

Learn more about how to bring business value to your clients with The 20

We give you the tools to drive new acquisitions and lower overall cost.

  • Successful selling

    Gain access to a group-wide USP (unique selling proposition) as well as a proven multi-million dollar sales model.

  • Growth strategy

    Leverage expertise and resources across a unified group to deliver a complete solution for our clients.

  • Single model

    A single, duplicated model across multiple companies producing proven, quantifiable results.

  • Unified resources

    Access to on-demand resources proven to successfully grow your managed IT company.

Why do MSPs need strong business models
in order to thrive?

We have the answers

See what our MSP partners have to say


  • “Why go it alone and reinvent the wheel each and every day. Build on the success of other MSPs so you can grow your business. The model works in all aspects of sales, service delivery and operations. Scaling is easy with The 20 resources.”


    John Rutkowski
    BOLDER Designs Inc

  • “Since jumping into The 20 and moving all but 5% of our clients to full support, our stress levels have all been reduced. The 20 takes care of our clients’ technical needs while we focus on account management. We are confident that our clients are getting support in a timely manner and we are truly one team. The 20 allows for a greater ability to bring on new clients and to successfully standardize our services to each and every one of our clients.”


    Aaron Garcia
    Director of Operations

  • “The 20 is an extension of Nashville Computer and we work together to bring the best solutions to our clients. The community and knowledge of everyone within the group makes our company and every member of The 20 smarter and able to find solutions that, as a small company, could have been more difficult to solve on our own. Also the standardization of on-boarding, documentation, as well as the sharing of best practices has made our Engineer team much stronger. We have grown our revenue and taken on new and larger clients without having to ramp up our helpdesk internally. If you want to break out of your small company shell, The 20 will help you propel your business!”


    Charles Henson
    Managing Partner
    Nashville Computer

  • “Being a member of The 20 has been transformational for our business, and has opened up opportunities we would have never otherwise had. The biggest impacts have been the ability to scale seamlessly by leveraging the dedicated help desk and NOC, the collaboration with a nationwide group of IT companies to develop best practices, and the knowledge-base we have built as a group to be able to support almost any technology we come across in the field all give us a competitive advantage that no other IT company can touch.”


    Chris Traxler
    Cirrus Technologies, Inc.

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