The MSP Event of the Year! Oct 4 - 7

Channel All-Stars

Channel All-Stars

A “Can’t Miss” Virtual Event for MSPs!

The 20 is proud to announce that it’s one of thirteen companies sponsoring Channel All-Stars, a huge virtual event for MSPs that are hungry to not only survive, but THRIVE, during these uncertain times. The event is taking place on June 8th, at 11:30 am EDT. Mark your calendars, because this is not one to miss!

It’s no secret that we live in turbulent times. International conflict, cybercrime, a pandemic — challenges press in on us from all sides. But challenges are opportunities — well, they can be, if you see them from the right angle. Being a successful entrepreneur requires not only taking advantage of opportunities, but seeing them where others see only difficulty.

At Channel All-Stars, you can join thousands of other MSPs from all over the world in a celebration of the power that drives us to grow, even in — especially in — difficult times. The 20 is thrilled to be involved in such a collaborative effort, as it speaks to our core values as a company. There’s nothing — and we do mean nothing — more powerful than a group of determined individuals getting together with a common purpose!

The event is hosted by Channel Program, a company dedicated to enabling communication, collaboration, and community-building in the Channel. Channel Program’s open and democratized platform seeks to foster unity across our $2.2 trillion industry, while embracing a diversity of voices and viewpoints.

Channel Program’s co-founders, Kevin Lancaster and Matt Solomon, are excited to interview the event’s headline guest, Gary Vaynerchuk (aka “Gary Vee”). Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, prolific venture capitalist, NFT pioneer — you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified than Gary to speak on the event’s central theme: turning business challenges into opportunities for growth.

Matt Solomon shared his excitement about getting to interview such a legend in the business world: “I’ve had the good fortune to interview Wayne Gretzky and Magic Johnson in past virtual events that attracted thousands of viewers. I am just as excited to have the opportunity to speak with Gary Vee about the obstacles he has overcome in his life, the keys to his success, and his thoughts on how to turn business challenges into growth.”

We’re excited, too! This is a golden opportunity for MSP owners to learn from one of the greats.

And, joining Gary is a truly “All-Star” lineup of speakers, including The 20’s CEO, Tim Conkle, who will participate in a panel discussion alongside Joe Alapat, founder and CEO of Liongard. Your MSP can, by attending this free virtual event, glean wisdom from some of the best and brightest minds in the MSP space. Expect actionable insights and practical steps you can take RIGHT NOW to achieve new growth.

If you’re struggling with sales at your MSP, or wondering how to capitalize on emerging opportunities, Channel All-Stars is sure to breathe new life into your business. Attendees will benefit immensely from a bevy of brilliant keynote speakers and panelists …

  • Introductory Speaker: Colin Knox (Gradient)
  • Keynote Speakers: Eric Torres (ScalePad), Danny Jenkins (ThreatLocker), and Ted Roller (Zomentum)
  • 3 Panels moderated by Jay McBain, Kris Blackman, and Paul Green

Celebrating the power that drives growth is what Channel All-Stars is all about, and we cannot wait to see our awesome community come together on June 8th for an unforgettable event! The MSP industry is up against a lot, but together, we can figure out how to thrive in a volatile and unpredictable economic landscape. And we will.

You can register for this FREE virtual event here. See you on June 8th!