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MSPs Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

Well, it’s that time of year again.

That time of year when many people make New Year’s resolutions for their personal and professional lives.

It’s important, I think, to set goals for ourselves, in an effort to better ourselves. We have one go-around at this thing, so shouldn’t we try to live out our best version? There’s always room for improvement in every business, and the New Year is a great time to evaluate both our strengths and our weaknesses.

We recently asked our partners from all over the country to give us their business resolutions for 2019, and the response was incredible!

Here are a handful of resolutions for you to enjoy:

Will Foret, President of Spot Migration

I have two goals: 1) Acquire a company and 2) end the 2019 tax year as an Inc. 5000 applicant (which requires having $2 million in revenue).

John Rutkowski, CEO of BOLDER Designs

I want BOLDER Designs to grow by 20%, I want to end the 2019 tax year as an Inc. 5000 applicant, and I’m also hoping to finish the ‘MID Operations Handbook’ that I’ve been writing for all members of The 20. It’s the definitive guide in creating a Scalable Service Operations.

Michael Wayland, Managing Director of Byte-Werx

My goals are to break into the MSP 501 list and hire my first full time employee.

Chavous Camp, CEO of Carolina Innovative Research

My business New Year’s Resolutions: 1) Adding $25k in MRR, and 2) growing our footprint in South Carolina so as to have a full-time presence in Greenville and/or Charleston.

Kevin Peterson, President of Peterson Technology Group

Sell, baby, sell! I want to land 2 MID clients per month; 24 for the year.

Eric Emerson, Owner of e2 IT Consulting

Our business New Year’s resolution is to continue growing into our financial and law verticals. We are also working to build an offering specific to non-profits in our area!

Sean Michie, Business Development Manager of MetroMSP, LLC

To build meaningful relationships within the medical industry to help practices avoid HHS fines.

George Monroy, CEO of Monroy IT Services

Right now, one of our goals is to add another solid lead generation plan.

Rodney Sees, CEO of Accurate Computer Solutions

Our goal is to optimize our support-delivery to increase client retention and word-of-mouth referrals. It’s cheaper to keep ’em than to find new ones!

Jesús Zarzosa, President of TriuneIT

A couple of our goals for 2019: 1) Acquire an average of $10k new MRR per month, and 2) reduce our sales life cycle average to under 30 days.

Jim Bachaud, CEO of Stratocent Technologies

I want Stratocent Technologies to support more than 500 devices with our business clients, and 1000 devices for consumer clients. I want to re-hire Max (he’s working as a VW Technician right now) and hire a local field tech — both will have fully-branded tech vans with vinyl wraps. I want a solid foundation for $1,000,000 in revenue in 2020.

I want our first MSP 501, and I want to move into real office space. I want our biggest challenge to be keeping up with the growth and continuing to deliver a quality customer experience.

Travis Street, CEO of Complete Technology Solutions

I want to have $40k in MID/BDR MRR revenue by year’s end. I want to be operating at 100% MID for all of my clients, and to get rid of any remaining break/fix clients that won’t convert. Finally, I want to be more engaged in social media to promote my company as well as The 20!

So, there it is!

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to make the changes necessary to yield big dividends for years to come. Here’s to 2019!