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MSP Owners Reflect on Their MSP Acquisition Journeys

Here at The 20, we don’t just help you grow your MSP, we also help you sell it when the time is right! We’ve acquired a number of MSPs that achieved success through The 20, rewarding these companies’ owners with a big payday – and in some cases helping them make the transition to a new and exciting role.

In these short videos, you’ll hear firsthand from these business owners as they take you through their MSP acquisition journeys – from the initial decision to sell, to the roll-up process, to what life is like after the sale.

Look no further for quick and practical MSP acquisition advice rooted in real-life experience …

Advice for MSP Owners Thinking About Selling

From MSP Owner to Employee: What’s Next?

After the Rollup

The Acquisition Process

Deciding to Sell your MSP

Accounting & Technical Details of the Acquisition

The Emotional Side of an Acquisition

The 20 Membership Experience

Preparing to Sell your MSP

Our Acquisition Journey

The 20 is a company for MSP owners founded by an MSP owner. It started as an idea, a simple “what if?” …

What if we joined forces? What if we pooled our knowledge to create an unstoppable business model, and shared our resources to get ahead of the competition? What if we built a genuine community of like-minded business owners?

The 20 is no longer just an idea. It’s a thriving co-op with 150+ MSP members – and counting! These MSPs operate independently, but cooperate and collaborate to grow and scale faster and more easily than they ever could working alone.

But we know that M&A activity is sweeping through our industry and changing the MSP landscape in major ways. This led us to jump into the M&A arena in 2022 with thirteen MSP acquisitions, beginning a buyings spree aimed at one thing: building the first premium MSP with coast-to-coast reach.

Since then, we haven’t slowed down one bit, and our dream of a national MSP is now a reality. The 20 MSP isn’t just another large platform MSP either, as our acquisition strategy places unique emphasis on operational and cultural alignment. Simply put, we refuse to let expansion erode the quality of our service or the strength of our client relationships, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to rolling up only those MSPs that embrace our winning business model.

While members of our group provide us with a steady stream of acquisition candidates, we’re also interested in bringing operationally mature non-member MSPs on board, provided they (a) have crossed certain revenue thresholds, and (b) are willing to adopt our way of doing things.

This strategy has an enormous advantage over a more traditional approach to consolidation, which can run into problems with attrition and friction during and after integration. We’re not interested in bringing together MSPs with disparate processes and tool stacks, as we firmly believe that alignment fuels growth, and that the key to The 20 MSP’s long-term success will be preserving a single standard of excellence across the board.

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