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Fast Track Your MSP Growth

The 20 is an idea every MSP has imagined, but never executed.




Running an MSP doesn’t have to be this hard.

Your MSP cannot survive on an island. The 20 is a group of Managed Service Providers across North America who have joined forces to perfect a single service delivery model with unified resources to deliver excellent IT support.

Paired with your outstanding service delivery, The 20 provides a successful platform with proven processes to help IT providers grow.

We give you the tools to drive new growth and lower overall cost.

Grow your revenue and profitability with The 20 MSP Blueprint.


The 20’s name originated from the Pareto principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule. It states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the cause. For every industry, 20% of the participants in that vertical dominate the industry.

Join The 20 today and propel your MSP to the top 20% of the industry. We are your MSP “Easy Button.”


Automated strategic marketing process with tactical delivery that attracts and converts prospects.

Sales Process

Increase top-line revenue and profitability by 3-10x with our proprietary sales model.


Nationwide single service delivery model with unified resources and purchasing power.

We’ve been in your shoes.

We know how difficult it is to grow an MSP.

  • We’ve helped hundreds of MSPs.
  • Nationwide footprint in every major market.
  • Founded by successful MSP owners.

Getting Started

Become a Member

If you’re interested in becoming a member of The 20 — or simply want to learn more about our model — get in touch with us today! We can walk you through how our proven platform helps MSPs overcome their three biggest challenges: lead gen, sales, and scale.

Integrate into The 20

Our onboarding process is all about communication. Our team will help you implement The 20’s standardized stack of industry-leading tools, and, more importantly, teach you how to use them. You’re a part of The 20 now; you don’t have to figure everything out all by yourself anymore!

Grow your MSP Business

As a member of The 20, you have something most MSPs don’t: a community. And, growing an MSP is so much easier when you’re cooperating with hundreds of like-minded business owners, sharing advice, expertise, and resources. When we grow together, we grow faster.

"I've looked for many years for something like The 20. The 20 knocks it out of the park in the sales model, and service delivery. The community is great, with a huge talent pool to draw on, and the ability to cover firms who have offices outside your home area. All of the members working in the same direction lets everyone move faster in their business. Sign up for a PROPEL, which are held monthly to accelerate and simplify your business."


"The 20 allows me to focus on my business, payroll, HR, Sales, and the like and let them handle the tools, the systems, and the support. They are more than a vendor to us - they are our partner and our community. We are stronger together."

- Chavous Camp, Carolina Innovative Research

"Transformed my business. Having a national "support" network on top of a 24/7/365 help desk made all the difference in our game plan."


"Totally changed the way I do business and go to market. All the things I tried to create on my own in 20 years have been happening in the last two that I’ve been in The 20. Complete turnaround of my business."


"I've been in The 20 from day one and it has been the key to growing by MSP business over the last 6 years."

- Jason Penka, Tech Junkies

"The 20 has let me leverage the size on national company but allows me to give the personal touch of a local company."

- Sean Michie, Metro MSP

"Love it, its perfect as a one man band or starting out to be bigger and handle much larger clients and get the full value for your services."

- Michael Wayland, Byte-Werx