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At The 20, we are serious about superior IT support for your business. We leverage the combined skills, expertise, and knowledge of hundreds of IT companies to tackle your IT problems quickly, so you can simply focus on growing your business. Having your very own IT department has never been easier. Best of all, we monitor your IT, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right here in the U.S.

On average, our partners have...

97% to 99%

positive feedback

17.5 seconds

average hold time


average call time


When you search for an IT provider, you want to find one near you. That’s why we have partners across the country. No matter where you are, someone from The 20 can help.


When you have an IT problem, you need it solved yesterday. You don’t want to wait for someone to search for an answer. You need an IT services provider with experience, and The 20 has been solving IT problems for decades.


Growth is part of your business plan. Your IT support should be able to grow with you. At The 20, we are ready to scale up as your business grows and your IT problems grow with it.

Comprehensive Services

Some service providers focus on business continuity, while others only VoIP. But when you have a problem, the last thing you want to do is fumble through a list of vendors for help. That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of services so when you're in that moment, you have but one phone number to call to resolve your issue.

Core Values

Core Values


We have a curious, learn-it-all mindset, and value learning over knowledge. We continually seek improvement and innovation.

Core Values


We are a culture of performance and accountability, and face challenges with grit and optimism to achieve our goals.

Core Values


We aspire to best-in-class business practices and are relentless about exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

Core Values


We win together. We communicate and collaborate.
We make each other better.

"I've looked for many years for something like The 20. The 20 knocks it out of the park in the sales model, and service delivery. The community is great, with a huge talent pool to draw on, and the ability to cover firms who have offices outside your home area. All of the members working in the same direction lets everyone move faster in their business. Sign up for a PROPEL, which are held monthly to accelerate and simplify your business."


"The 20 allows me to focus on my business, payroll, HR, Sales, and the like and let them handle the tools, the systems, and the support. They are more than a vendor to us - they are our partner and our community. We are stronger together."

- Chavous Camp, Carolina Innovative Research

"Transformed my business. Having a national "support" network on top of a 24/7/365 help desk made all the difference in our game plan."


"Totally changed the way I do business and go to market. All the things I tried to create on my own in 20 years have been happening in the last two that I’ve been in The 20. Complete turnaround of my business."


"I've been in The 20 from day one and it has been the key to growing by MSP business over the last 6 years."

- Jason Penka, Tech Junkies

"The 20 has let me leverage the size on national company but allows me to give the personal touch of a local company."

- Sean Michie, Metro MSP

"Love it, its perfect as a one man band or starting out to be bigger and handle much larger clients and get the full value for your services."

- Michael Wayland, Byte-Werx

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