The MSP Event of the Year! Oct 4 - 7

The 20’s Winter Quarterly Recap

Well that’s a wrap on another successful Quarterly meeting with our members!

Winter Quarterly was held at our offices at Legacy Central in Plano on January 16th and 17th, and we had an incredible time with all of you.

You’ve got to win somewhere before you can win everywhere.
– Joseph Landes of Nerdio

Our first day was entirely dedicated to in-depth training sessions by Nerdio, CloudJumper and Crayon. Each company discussed how to sell, calculate and implement Azure. The day concluded with a happy hour. It was 2 hours of games, music and good times spent with our 20 family!

Day 2 kicked off with Tim Conkle who went over with our members the best way to sell cloud and how to package it with our other software platforms. Everyone is moving more away from hardware and towards cloud.

So much was learned, and so much fun was had – there’s nothing we look forward to more than when we have our partners in town, and in the same room. It’s a tremendous energy, and we’re always sad when it ends!

If you have any questions about future Quarterly events, please contact us today to learn more about The 20! We’d love for you to be a part of our Spring Quarterly in May!

And don’t forget to sign up for our MSP Sales Academy going on next month!


Winter Quarterly Tim Conkle

Tim clowning around before start time!


Winter Quarterly Platoon Leaders

Panel discussion lead by CIO Jeff Griffin, CTO Jonathan Blakey, SVP of Sales Roxann Sawyers, and COO Ciera Cole.