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A Year of Growth

A Year of Growth

A Look Back at The 20 in 2023

2023 was a big year for The 20 – a year filled with acquisitions, innovations, new partnerships, and tremendous growth. It went by just like that, so we figure we’d better take a moment to slow down and reflect on all that’s happened. Sure, we want to reach new heights in 2024, but not without first pausing to enjoy the view and see how far we’ve come.

So join us, as we recount the milestones and moments that defined our company’s journey in 2023…

The Year in Numbers

Stronger together. More than a team motto, these two words are a perfect encapsulation of what makes our company work. We don’t just work hard; we work together. And together, in 2023, we got a lot done:

Our Support Desk crushed it, closing over 109,000 tickets. We rebuilt our service delivery model from the ground up back in 2021, and now, two years later, we’re reaping the full benefits of these structural changes and experiencing newfound operational efficiencies that make both our technicians’ and our end clients’ lives immeasurably easier.

And speaking of end clients, we’re serving more than ever before. Last year we acquired 13 MSPs as part of our ongoing mission to build a true national MSP with unmatched scale, adding end clients in 46 different states and entering 26 new markets in the process.

To keep up with all this growth, we welcomed 110 new employees to The 20 team. We’re getting bigger, but more importantly, we’re getting better – adding talent and resources so we can aggressively scale our offerings without sacrificing an ounce of quality on the service side.

Our dramatic growth and unique M&A strategy have garnered significant industry attention; in 2023, The 20 was featured in 27 articles and publications, and received multiple industry awards.

We believe an important part of being an industry leader is playing a proactive role in education and thought leadership, and in 2023, we were delighted to host 30 webinars and 25 events, produce 61 videos, and publish 38 blogs. Another bright spot was our world-class marketing team, who produced hundreds of pieces of marketing collateral for MSPs in The 20 MSP Group, helping them stand out in our crowded industry.

Of course our favorite event of the year was our own annual VISION conference, which took place in August and attracted 300+ attendees. The theme for VISION ’23 was taking an MSP from good to great, and we were determined to go above and beyond to give MSPs an unforgettable experience. Even with that lofty goal, we were blown away by how everything came together at this year’s conference. A huge shout-out to everyone who played a part – attendees, speakers, sponsors, and of course, all you MSPs striving for greatness. We hope to see you again at VISION ’24, taking place this August in Dallas, TX.

2023 was also a year of new partnerships and offerings. The 20 teamed up with several industry-leading vendors, including Pax8, CloudRadial, and Zapier, and we launched EasyIT4U a unique month-to-month IT services membership designed specifically for small business owners and solopreneurs.

Finally, in 2023, The 20 achieved a significant milestone by securing its very first US patent, receiving Patent No. 11695779 for “User Management System for Computing Support,” our novel approach to user authentication and the key innovation behind our ID 20/20 software. In the age of cyberattacks, we’re proud to break new ground and offer organizations and individuals a powerful method for repelling social engineering attacks, which continue to wreak havoc in both the public and private sectors.

Lessons Learned

What did 2023 teach us?

Well, it taught us that planning is great, but adaptation is crucial. Plans are pretty, but life’s messy, and success will always require a certain amount (usually a whole lot) of thinking-on-your-feet.

2023 also taught us – or reminded us, rather – that even when competition is stiff, an MSP can always stand out by delivering an unforgettable customer experience.

This brings us to the biggest and most important lesson of 2023, a perennial lesson that we’re always happy to share. Ready?

People matter. If you want true success in this MSP game, put your people front and center. End clients, employees, partners – remember the real people behind the contracts. Because they are where excellence comes from. Not your processes. Not your tools. It’s your people who will make your MSP great.

On that note, we want to close by saying thank you to all of the people who made The 20 great in 2023.

Thank you, end clients, for trusting us with your businesses. You put your livelihoods in our hands and give us a chance to do what we’re passionate about.

Thank you, vendors. This industry is big and complex and impossible to conquer without help. Your expertise and unique offerings make life easier, and your innovations are a constant source of inspiration.

Finally, a Texas-sized THANK YOU to the 170+ MSPs who belong to The 20 MSP Group. When we started The 20, we had a vision for a community of likeminded business owners who push each other to be better. Y’all have become so much more than that, and it’s an honor to know you and grow with you.

Now, who’s ready to kick some a** in 2024?


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