The 20 Employees Share Best Advice

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and, for many of us, Mom was our first life coach.

Our Mothers paved the way for what we’d become, so what better way to honor our Moms than to list some of the ways they’ve impacted our lives? Here are 6 members of our 20 family, each sharing a nugget of indispensable wisdom, courtesy of their Moms.



Matt King, Channel Sales Rep.

Matt King, Channel Sales Rep.


[My Mom is] very punctual and instilled that in me at an early age. She would say, ‘It’s always much better to be an hour early than one minute late.’

– Our Channel Sales Rep, Matt King


Talent Acquisition Manager, Camden Rendon.

Camden Rendon, Talent Acquisition Manager.


My Mom taught me that we all sweat salty and we all bleed red. ‘Treat everyone with the same respect, and don’t ever look down on anyone, because one day they might grow taller than you.’ ‘Say ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no sir’ and always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ ‘Don’t spend a lifetime on someone that won’t spend a minute on you.’ ‘Love fearlessly, and never forget to tell people you care about them.’ ‘It’s okay to cry, but pick yourself back up and put on a smile before facing the world.’

– Our Talent Acquisition Manager, Camden Rendon


Manager of Backup and Disaster Recovery, Joe Parr

Joe Parr, Manager of Backup and Disaster Recovery.


‘Always be there for your family, they are the only one you have.’

– Our Manager of Backup and Disaster Recovery, Joe Parr


Marketing Program Manager, Rudy Lucas

Rudy Lucas, Marketing Program Manager.


My Mom, Martha Lucas, would always say, ‘Depend on no one. The only person that is going to take care of the old you, is the young you.’

– Our Marketing Program Manager, Rudy Lucas


Michael Copeland, Creative Director.

Michael Copeland, Creative Director.


For me, my Mom was always big on respecting others. Which seems like the most basic of principles, and it is, but it was always an important lesson growing up; the top of the charts. Whether it was about respect being a two-way street, and that you needed to give it if you wanted it in return, or about how actually listening to someone is the sincerest forms of respect, my Mom drilled it (and continues to drill it) into both my Brother and me.

– Our Creative Director, Michael Copeland


Kayley Lantrip, Marketing Coordinator.

Kayley Lantrip, Marketing Coordinator.


‘If it is in a song or a script, you’re allowed to say the curse word.’

– Our Marketing Coordinator, Kayley Lantrip


Happy Mother’s Day!

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