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CST Joins The 20 Family!

CST Joins The 20 Family!

We’re proud to announce the latest move in our ongoing M&A spree – the purchase of Computer Support Team, a high-performing MSP based in the San Fernando and Conejo Valley areas.

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If you thought our M&A spree was slowing down, think again! We’re excited to announce the completion of our twentieth MSP acquisition since we began our buying spree last year. The latest MSP to join The 20 team is Computer Support Team (CST), an elite MSP headquartered in California and led by CEO Scott Palmquist.

Like the other nineteen MSPs we’ve acquired, CST achieved remarkable growth and success as part of our MSP membership co-op, The 20 MSP Group. CST’s year-on-year growth and proven track record of client satisfaction marked them out early as an acquisition candidate, and we’re excited about closing this deal and adding yet another talented team to The 20 family.

Our mission at The 20 isn’t just to get bigger, but better too, and it’s vital that the MSPs we acquire all share our fanatical devotion to client success. CST certainly does, and their ‘go-above-and-beyond’ culture pervades everything they do. Needless to say, we’re pumped to start working with our new team members to bring our collective client base even better support.

Relationships: The Heart of the M&Atter

While consolidation activity remains high in the MSP space, our M&A approach continues to distinguish itself. Specifically, the MSPs we’re acquiring all belong to our membership co-op, The 20 MSP Group. This means we’ve worked closely with these companies, oftentimes for several years. As a result, there’s a deep compatibility already in place – the sort of harmony that’s difficult to manufacture on the fly.

In more concrete terms, the MSP owners whose companies we’re acquiring aren’t handing us the keys to something they’ve built so they can walk away. On the contrary, they’re selling their MSPs to us so they can be a part of something special. The proof’s in the pudding. As our CEO Tim Conkle recently shared with CRN, the owners of 18 out of the 19 rolled-up MSPs are still with The 20, working in leadership roles that allow them to focus on their strengths.

Kevin Peterson sold his MSP to The 20 in September of last year, and has, since then, been relishing his new role within our company. “I’m loving working as an employee of The 20. I’m regional VP of the Midwest … I’m an operator at heart, so I’m able to focus most of my time on doing what I’m really good at and what I love doing.”

This was music to our ears, as we firmly believe that the key to success in the MSP space – and the key to making M&A magic – is putting the right people in the right seats. As we continue to consolidate, we’ll continue to place MSP owners in positions that allow them to thrive.

But what makes us so confident that these owners-turned-employees will be as invested in The 20 as they were in their own companies?

In a word, because The 20 is the company that helped them find success in the first place! So, the MSP owners who are placed in new positions don’t see themselves as joining a new team so much as deepening their involvement with a team to which they’ve belonged for some time. This is what makes these deals special – and it’s also a big part of why we’re able to maintain great service quality on a national stage.

Looking to Grow/Sell Your MSP?

If you own an MSP and want to grow it faster and more easily, consider joining The 20 MSP Group. Not only does membership give you the tools you need to grow a large and profitable MSP, it also puts you on a proven track toward a lucrative payday as we are actively cultivating our MSP members for acquisition.

Want to hear from the MSP owners whose businesses we acquired? You’re in luck! We sat down with these entrepreneurs and asked them about their M&A journeys — from “deciding to sell” to “life after the roll-up” to everything in between. You can watch their short testimonial videos on our newly launched M&A page for MSPs.

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