Keeping up with BlueKeep

Monika Gupta

by Monika Gupta


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) benefit employees and IT administrators alike. With employees often working from anywhere, remote desktop reduces the physical burden of carrying a work laptop home 🏠. It also makes updating and managing systems easier, which can alleviate the administrative burden when handling a large network. 👨‍💼

Unfortunately, a vulnerability recently discovered in RDS has the potential to let hackers remotely wreak havoc on computers or servers running RDS — and their networks — if the issue isn’t patched. Read on to learn more!

What is BlueKeep?

During Windows’ May 2019 patch cycle, Microsoft released a patch for a remote code execution bug in their Remote Desktop Services software. If left unpatched, this vulnerability could allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to execute payloads with administrative privileges and spread to other computers/servers within a network.

Errata Security CEO, Robert Graham, scanned all externally facing IP addresses on May 28th, 2019 for systems susceptible to BlueKeep… [click to continue reading]