Manus Dei Joins The 20 Family!

Manus Dei Joins The 20 Family!

The 20 MSP expands its reach with the acquisition of Manus Dei, a prominent MSP in Northern Virginia.

We did it again! Another acquisition in the books, another step taken in our ambitious M&A plans. The 20 MSP is proud to announce our acquisition of Manus Dei, a highly regarded MSP with clients across Northern Virginia. A warm welcome to Fred Duca and his whole team!

  • Manus Dei
  • Northern Virginia
  • Owner: Fred Duca
  • Website

This makes eight acquisitions for the year, and a total of twenty-one since we started our ‘M&A spree’ in 2022. That’s a lot of deals inked. A lot of exciting moments. A lot of work. And yes, a lot of fun.

But we don’t want to focus exclusively on how many MSPs we’ve acquired, even though we are proud of the M&A run that we’re currently on. That’s because each deal is unique, and every MSP we acquire brings something different to the table. Our M&A process might be highly standardized, but the relationships we have with these MSP owners and their teams are anything but.

And that’s what this is all about at the end of the day, this growth journey that we’re on: it’s about building relationships with real people who need our help. That’s what’s behind all the numbers. That’s what makes this big, beautiful engine run.

The Power of Service

It’s not a coincidence that this latest acquisition has us thinking about relationships, service, and people. Manus Dei’s client base consists largely of schools, parishes, and nonprofits, and their shining example is a powerful reminder that, in business, being successful and service-oriented aren’t mutually exclusive – and in fact, often go hand-in-hand.

If you’re in the MSP game and you don’t believe this … good luck. There’s a reason it’s called managed services. MSPs succeed when they help their clients succeed. When you boil it all down, it’s really that simple.

The success of The 20 MSP Group (not to be confused with The 20 MSP) and the success of our MSP members also speak to the power of service – of helping others with genuine goodwill. We give our members tools and processes to help them succeed, and our MSP blueprint plays an undeniable role in their growth and progress. But equally important is what members give each other. Until you witness it for yourself, it’s hard to truly understand, but The 20 isn’t just a group of MSPs that work together; it’s a group of people who really care about each other and who want to see each other succeed.

With that, we’d like to extend another warm welcome to the Manus Dei team. We look forward to working with your people to bring our collective client base real value. Here’s to making it happen together!

What’s Next for Us?

Our plan for the remainder of the year is to continue expanding The 20 MSP through a combination of organic growth and vigorous M&A activities. Our aim is to solidify our national footprint and establish a strong presence in every major metropolitan area in the US, before we begin acquiring companies within the same markets, building upon existing foundations and subsequently scaling those markets for further growth.

The MSPs we’re acquiring all come from The 20 MSP Group, and, as our CEO Tim Conkle recently explained, that’s what makes our M&A strategy so efficient: “We don’t have to go hunting for quality MSPs and then figure out how to integrate them. The secret sauce is that we actively cultivate these MSPs through our group, ensuring they embody our values and way of doing business long before any deals are on the table.”

And although not every MSP in The 20 MSP Group is interested in selling, a good number are. Our acquisition pipeline is full, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record …

This is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more M&A news from The 20 and make sure to visit our newly launched M&A page, a great free resource for managed service professionals who are curious about consolidation, or even ready to get in on the action.

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