Meet Our Interns!

This summer, we have welcomed 3 new interns here at The 20!

Alexis, Courtney and Jakob have been a great addition to our team. Here’s a little more about them:


Intern Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams

Marketing Intern

Major: Digital Retailing and Fashion Merchandising

Minor: Consumer Experience Management

Classification: Senior at the University of North Texas

Describe Yourself: Goofy, Considerate, and Observant

Career Path: Digital Retailing wasn’t my initial choice when it came to deciding on a major. I have always had a passion for fashion, but I realized my skill set was better fit for the digital world.  I enjoy creating ideas to promote or increase traction within businesses. I am mostly interested in social media marketing, but I am excited to explore all aspects of Digital Marketing.


intern Courtney Ford

Courtney Ford

Graphic Design Intern

Major: Graphic Design

Classification: Senior at Texas Women’s University

Describe Yourself: Curious, Easy-Going, and Reliable

Career Path: I chose to major in graphic design because I was a page designer/editor for my high school newspaper, so that really made me fall in love with designing. I am also a sucker for great product packaging. This internship is great because it allows me to create real collateral for The 20 as well as other companies. I really enjoy making something that people will be able to use, whether for business or just for a laugh on social media. This internship is really helping me understand what goes into the day-to-day life of a designer.


 Intern Jakob Field 

Jakob Field

Sales Intern

Major: Marketing

Minor: Business Management

Classification: Senior at the University of Oklahoma

Describe Yourself: Funny, Laid back, and Practical

Career Path: I’ve always been fascinated by marketing and the dramatic impact it can have on consumer’s choices. The duality of marketing with the vastly different analytical and creatives sides has always seemed like a perfect fit because I have such a strong interest in both. Also, the psychology behind why certain tactics work in certain situations and how to best implement those has always interested me. This Sales Internship with The 20 has given me the opportunity to explore the numerous similarities between marketing and sales and has allowed me to gain real world experience and learn from talented people.


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