The MSP Event of the Year! Aug 27 - 30

Introducing The 20 | MSP Sales Academy

Don’t Miss The 20 | MSP Sales Academy!

A few days ago, we began accepting enrollment into the MSP Sales Academy hosted by The 20. We’re thrilled by the excitement and feedback we’ve received from members!

In case you missed the December member webinar, The 20 is conducting a 2-day training for building a systematic MSP sales process. The workshop will be held February 7-8, 2020 at our headquarters in Plano, TX.


Check out this video for details!


The MSP Sales Academy won’t just tell you what to do and why you should do it. We will introduce to you critical concepts to move your MSP business forward, explain the reasoning behind every tactic covered, and provide the training and tools for you take swift action.

We’re opening this up for The 20 members and their teams to make take their sales to the next level in 2020!


Highlights include:

  • Filling your pipeline with qualified prospects
  • MSP talk tracks to overcome objections
  • Cost justification to validate implications
  • Presenting the MSA
  • Defining and differentiating your managed services offering
  • Selling Cloud & Security
  • Sales Tips Panel Session
  • Live Sales Demonstrations – practice/apply/correct


Most importantly, the workshop will be led by MSP owners who have founded multi-million dollar businesses. They’ll share the same techniques they use every day to grow their businesses.



  • Tim Conkle, CEO, The 20
  • Mark Elliott, CEO, 3I International
  • Charles Henson, Managing Partner, Nashville Computer
  • Crystal McFerran, CMO, The 20
  • Emily Powell, SVP Business Development, Roland Technology Group
  • Jacob Sanders, Sales Exec, Roland Technology Group
  • Robyn Starnes, Sales Exec, Roland Technology Group


Start, tweak, or perfect your sales strategy with this educational seminar brought to you by The 20. During this 2-day session, you’ll learn the primary areas of focus to help your MSP close more deals. We’ll cover common mistakes, successful lead generation strategies, lead nurturing tactics, effective post-FTA follow-up, and MUCH MORE! Above all, we’ll teach you how to escape the feast or famine roller coaster, fill your pipeline, and CLOSE. In other words, we’ll provide you with the tools you need for growth. In short, you don’t want to miss this in-depth sales training!


Register now to kickstart your new year momentum and secure your spot for The 20 | MSP Sales Academy!