The 20’s Spring Quarterly Recap

Well that’s a wrap on another successful Quarterly meeting with our partners!

Spring Quarterly was held at our offices at Legacy Central in Plano on April 11th and 12th, and we had an incredible time with all of you.

Our first day was entirely dedicated to in-depth training session by CloudJumper where they showcased their new Cloud Workspace Management Suite on the new Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This day-long training really allowed Cloudjumper to dive deep into the product and focus our members on the benefits of the new suite that features simplified management, optimized billing, and more automation with control.

The day concluded with 2 demos on ACE and CWA setup, followed by a happy hour sponsored by Cytracom! It was 2 hours of games, music and good times spent with our 20 family.

Day 2 kicked off with Tim Conkle discussing how vision without execution is purely a dream. He also talked about the unlimited potential of growth that exists if you simply reach for it enough. Then, Elite member John Rutkowski of Bolder Designs gave a great presentation on client relations and onboarding.

So much was learned, and so much fun was had – there’s nothing we look forward to more then when we have our partners in town, and in the same room. It’s a tremendous energy, and we’re always sad when it ends!

If you have any questions about future Quarterly events, please utilize our Chat feature on the site, or give us a call! We’d love for you to be a part of our Summer Quarterly in July!


Tim's Opening Remarks.

Tim’s opening remarks.

Ciera Cole presents

COO Ciera Cole presents.

Cloudjumper Presentation

Cloudjumper presentation.