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The 20 MSP Continues to Lead M&A Charge with Latest Acquisition

The 20 MSP Continues to Lead M&A Charge with Latest Acquisition

We’re proud to announce our acquisition of Inerva Technology Advisors, an award-winning IT firm serving clients in the Greater Saint Louis Area and beyond.

Big news! The 20 MSP has completed its twenty-third acquisition to date, marking the tenth deal closed this year.

Our latest strategic move brings on board the esteemed IT firm, Inerva Technology Advisors, headquartered in Saint Louis and led by Derrick Weisbrod, founder and CEO. Inerva has been knocking it out of the park as a member of The 20 MSP Group. Their commitment to client success, their tireless innovation and problem-solving prowess, their dedication to tailoring solutions to the unique needs of their clients’ industries – these are just some of the reasons why it’s an honor to welcome Inerva to the team.

Our CEO Tim Conkle expressed his excitement about the deal: “Adding Inerva to the team gives us a huge boost in terms of resources and expertise – especially in the healthcare industry. We’re getting bigger because we want to get better, and this latest move will help us do exactly that. I’m excited on our clients’ behalf for the improvements coming their way.”

The 20 MSP is quickly turning into the first national MSP of its kind, and the growth journey we’re on is something special. And while it’s important to stop and smell the roses, our focus is firmly on the the future. So, what lies ahead for The 20 MSP?

Full Speed Ahead

We plan to sustain our M&A momentum in the coming months, as we look to build a lasting national footprint and extend our reach in several key markets. The time for consolidation is still ripe, and we’re lucky to have a full pipeline of acquisition candidates: the MSPs that belong to The 20 MSP Group.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the role The 20 MSP Group plays in our consolidation efforts. Conkle has commented on the connection between the group and our M&A strategy:

“Bringing quality people together to amplify each other’s talents and strengths is what The 20 has always been about, and we’re following that same logic with these acquisitions. The right people in the right seats is how we make magic happen.”

That’s the ticket: bringing people together. Every acquisition is really a celebration of a preexisting partnership. And while there is no expectation that an MSP joining The 20 MSP Group will eventually sell to us, we take pride in offering this viable exit strategy for our MSP members.

Visit Our Newly Launched Page for Free M&A Resources

Stay tuned for more M&A news from The 20 and make sure to visit our newly launched M&A page, a great free resource for managed service professionals who are curious about consolidation, or even ready to get in on the action.

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