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Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor VISION ’23!

Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor VISION ’23!

You’re a company in the IT space looking to differentiate your products and services, expand your network, boost brand awareness, and have a generally kick-a** 2023.

But which events should you sponsor? You need to get out there and show the channel what you’re all about, but with so many IT conferences to choose from, it’s hard to know where you’ll get the highest ‘return on your investment.’

In this blog post, we’re going to give you 10 reasons why VISION ’23 should be at the top of your list of ‘events to sponsor in 2023.’ Happy reading!

Reason #1 – A Not-So-Typical Speaker Line-up

We put a lot of thought into the VISION speaker line-up each year, because we know how powerful it can be to hear the right message from the right person at the right time.

And finding ‘the right speakers’ often means going outside of the channel. Last year, VISION attendees heard from a retired Navy SEAL, the man whose life story inspired the hit film, The Pursuit of Happyness, and an Emmy-award winning reporter. And the year before that, Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author who was born without limbs, brought the house down with an UNFORGETTABLE presentation that left very few eyes dry.

We haven’t yet announced the keynotes for this year’s event, but you’d better believe they’re going to bring a lot more than IT wisdom to the stage.

Reason #2 – The Star

VISION ’23 is taking place at the Omni Frisco Hotel at The Star, a 91-acre entertainment district built around the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and 12,000-seat Ford Center. Last year’s event also took place at the Omni, which raises the question – why go back?

Simply put, because this sh*t is awesome! The Omni is a world-class hotel, and The Star is like a giant playground for adults, with restaurants, shops, and a hoppin’ night life. As a sponsor of VISION ’23, you can count on the larger-than-life venue to put attendees – including potential customers – in a great mood and ready to connect.

Reason #3 – The Future

OK, let’s get serious and talk about the state of the MSP industry. Things are changing, and they’re changing fast. M&A activity is sweeping through the industry and changing the IT landscape in major ways, including by paving the way for the emergence of ‘super-MSPs’ with national footprints.

This has a lot of MSPs feeling nervous and eager to grow and evolve to stay relevant and competitive. In other words, there has never been a better time to generate leads and attract new customers. The MSPs that attend VISION have their eyes firmly on the future, and sponsoring VISION is a great way to make sure that they see your company and all it has to offer.

Reason #4 – Visibility

Sponsoring any IT event is going to help with brand awareness, but VISION isn’t just “any IT event.”

First, it’s big! We attract hundreds of MSPs from all across North America and a slew of industry experts and thought leaders, and we pull out all the stops to put on a real show.

Second, with The 20’s world-class marketing team working hard to promote the event, our sponsors can count on getting plenty of love and attention not only during VISION, but before and after it too. We love giving our sponsors shout-outs on social media, and we always follow up a VISION event with tons of post-conference marketing materials.

Bottom line – when you sponsor an event as big and bold as VISION, you catapult your brand into rarefied air. Last year, industry-leading companies like MSP360, Kaseya, Huntress, BLOKWORX, and HubSpot all sponsored VISION. Are you ready to put your brand name alongside these industry giants?

Reason #5 – Face-Time!

In addition to dedicated face-time with your target audience at the highly-trafficked expo, our sponsorship packages also include Main Stage and Breakout Session speaking opportunities.

It’s hard to overstate the power of getting in front of current and potential customers and sharing your knowledge with them face to face. Remember, companies don’t buy from companies; people buy from people! And if your audience can associate a face with your company name, it will do wonders for your sales, reputation, and brand identity.

So join us at VISION ’23 and show your face to the MSP community!

Reason #6 – R.A.D. Content

Let’s talk content. We strive to bring VISION attendees seriously R.A.D. content – content that’s remarkable, actionable, and distinctive. And judging by the feedback we’ve gotten from past attendees, we’re delivering the goods …

“You’re going to hear things that blow your mind.”

“You just can’t miss this because there’s nowhere else you’re going to get this type of information.”

“Every time I come to an event for The 20, I leave with something that I can turn into revenue for my business within 30 days.”

Sponsoring VISION ’23 isn’t just a great way to educate potential customers on your products and services; it’s also a great way to learn about what other innovative companies are doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Reason #7 – Your product/service rocks!

As mentioned, MSPs are currently at a critical juncture: grow and survive, or stagnate and perish. If you believe in your product or service, and have confidence that it provides MSPs with real value, there’s no better place than VISION to showcase it to the MSP community.

Emalee Sugano, Director of Marketing & Strategy at BLOKWORX – one of last year’s sponsors – put it best when she said: “Our partners are always hungry for new information, and they come here to get it.”

So true! VISION is all about the future – anticipating, adapting to, and capitalizing on the latest trends and developments in the IT space. If you’re bringing something genuinely new and exciting to the market, you can count on VISION attendees to take notice and appreciate your innovative offering.

Reason #8 – ?

No, we didn’t forget to finish writing this blog post. Reason #8 is indeed a question mark, or, more specifically, a mystery!

At a VISION event, you can expect the unexpected, whether that’s a DeLorean DMC-12, an impromptu charitable donation from one of the most influential CEOs in the channel, or a spontaneous appearance by an NFL star.

Reason #9 – The 20

You can’t talk about VISION without talking about the company that hosts the event – The 20.

The 20 is a company founded by MSP owners for MSP owners. We give our MSP members the tools, processes, and resources they need to succeed in our hyper-competitive industry. And what’s really cool is our members actively work together, sharing knowledge and resources to secure a competitive edge.

It’s important to note that VISION is open to all MSPs – not just members of The 20 – but our members definitely set the tone for the event. Their camaraderie is something truly special, and first-time attendees are consistently blown away by the spirit of our MSP community.

So what does this have to do with you? In short, a lot! Sponsoring an event is a chance to make new connections, and we’re confident that you won’t find a better place to do that than VISION.

Take it from Jimmy Hatzell, VP of Revenue for Quickpass Cybersecurity, one of last year’s sponsors: “Everyone’s really excited and there’s a super positive atmosphere, which is nice, because you go to a lot of IT conferences, a lot of shows, people are bored. They’ve been in sessions all day. That’s totally not the vibe here at all!”

Reason #10 – FUN!

It’s no secret that we like having fun here at The 20, and our annual VISION conference reflects that. It’s less a conference than a celebration, and we just love seeing MSP owners come together and share stories, laughs, and tricks of the trade. It’s a human thing, and it’s beautiful.

So there’s a very serious reason for all the fun at VISION – for the live music and drinks at the Rooftop Welcome Reception, for the Happy Hour out on Tostitos Championship Plaza, for the one-and-only VISION PARTY.

And that reason is simple.

Having fun doesn’t just help us succeed.

It IS success.


There you have it – the top 10 reasons to become a sponsor of VISION ’23, the premier MSP event of the year.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, get in touch with us today because SPOTS ARE FILLING UP FAST – especially with VISION taking place a few months earlier than usual this year.

Click here to get in touch and schedule your call with our Vendor Relations Manager.

We hope to see you in August!