What is The 20?

The 20 is a group of Managed Service Providers across North America who joined forces to perfect a single service delivery model with unified resources to deliver excellent IT support. Paired with your excellent service delivery, The 20 provides a successful platform with proven processes to help IT providers grow.


Don’t reinvent the wheel. The 20 has perfected a replicable platform and system to deliver superior services, so our member MSPs are free to grow without limit. All you need to do is concentrate on being the best managed services provider and let The 20 do the rest.


The 20’s solid sales model will convert leads into happy customers. By partnering with clients and providing unparalleled services, The 20’s sales model simplifies IT services unlike anything the industry has ever seen before.

Sustainable Growth

Businesses, regardless of industry, require a steady stream of qualified leads. Generating them is a process that requires consistent interactions, activities, behaviors, and effort. The 20’s proven lead-generation methods have successfully grown IT providers across the nation.

"Being a member of The 20 has helped us operate bigger than we are really. Coming from a small team where we handled every issue, it created problems for us when it came time to scale. We'd do sales and then be afraid that we couldn't support the sale...With The 20, we've been able to utilize the help desk. We can sell and know that we can service it after the sale."

- Mark Adair, Adair Technology

"I've been with The 20 for almost 6 years now. We came in looking for a band-aid to cover a bullet wound, and it turned into a cosmetic surgery. It changed the way we operate. It changed the way we do business. It changed the way we treat our customers…It's been life changing."

- Scott Meeler, Managed IT Systems, Inc.

"I think what really sets The 20 apart versus others is the authenticity and the transparency and that dedication to collaboration…Everybody is real approachable, real down-to-earth, and dedicated to that growth and improvement."

- Seana Fippin, Red Box Business Solutions

"There's always technology providers knocking at my door to try to get to my clients. It's a whole full-time job to try to sort through these guys, so that you can find good technologies – you have to vet them, make sure they're going to do what they say they're going to do…The 20 helps us do that very efficiently."

- Chris Engler, Engler IT

"The 20 allows me to work on my business now instead of in my business…and life is great because of it."

- Seann Moreno, Data Tech Café

"We've been a 20 partner for about six years now, and have grown with the organization significantly. We think that the community here is really remarkable – there's something magic about that collaboration and strength in numbers."

- Seana Fippin, Red Box Business Solutions

"As part of The 20, I also have that peer group, where I can toss problems out there and people will very quickly come back with possible solutions…I can reach out to The 20 community and say, 'I have this new problem that I never had before with this scale,' and there's somebody along the path…who can point you in the right direction."

- Adam Bell, Sublime Computer Services

"I decided to take a leap and join The 20 in 2018. Since that time, we've tripled the size of our business, and transformed the way our customers think about us. We're able to not only take care of business within our own region, but are now in three different states as a result of help from The 20. It's dramatically transformed the way that we do business."

- Greg Padgett, Eagle's Wings Technologies

“We've been with The 20 for several years now, and during this time, it has allowed us to grow our company to a level we never thought possible."  

- Randy Martinez, IT Pros Management

"With The 20, you get their collective knowledge of their vetting of vendors and IT products at much better prices, but you also get that great, proven recipe — you know, that one that will get you up and running much faster, much cheaper, and much safer. But you also gain a support group of your peers who will go out of their way to help you, if you just ask." 

- Michael Howell, IT Support MSP

"I've looked for many years for something like The 20. The 20 knocks it out of the park in the sales model, and service delivery. The community is great, with a huge talent pool to draw on, and the ability to cover firms who have offices outside your home area. All of the members working in the same direction lets everyone move faster in their business. Sign up for a PROPEL, which are held monthly to accelerate and simplify your business."


"The 20 allows me to focus on my business, payroll, HR, Sales, and the like and let them handle the tools, the systems, and the support. They are more than a vendor to us - they are our partner and our community. We are stronger together."

- Chavous Camp, Carolina Innovative Research

"We spent a good number of years bumping our heads on the ceiling. We just couldn't grow past a certain point. I was getting tired — really tired. Burned out, you might say. We were looking for a way to scale and grow the business … When we found The 20, it seemed to fit like a comfortable shoe. Since joining The 20, we have nearly TRIPLED our revenue in just over 36 months ." 

- Bill Whelden, RxIT

"I've been in The 20 from day one and it has been the key to growing my MSP business over the last 8 years."

- Jason Penka, Tech Junkies

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