What is The 20?

The 20 is a group of Managed Service Providers across North America who joined forces to perfect a single service delivery model with unified resources to deliver excellent IT support. Paired with your excellent service delivery, The 20 provides a successful platform with proven processes to help IT providers grow.


Don’t reinvent the wheel. The 20 has perfected a replicable platform and system to deliver superior services, so our member MSPs are free to grow without limit. All you need to do is concentrate on being the best managed services provider and let The 20 do the rest.


The 20’s solid sales model will convert leads into happy customers. By partnering with clients and providing unparalleled services, The 20’s sales model simplifies IT services unlike anything the industry has ever seen before.

Sustainable Growth

Businesses, regardless of industry, require a steady stream of qualified leads. Generating them is a process that requires consistent interactions, activities, behaviors, and effort. The 20’s proven lead-generation methods have successfully grown IT providers across the nation.

You guys accomplished in 1 day what two other companies could not accomplish in 6 months.

- Liner Legal, LLC

I would like to express my deep admiration at the speed of service. This issue was handled before I knew it was even a problem, which only reinforces my theory that IT people are psychic.”

- Sophia S., Office Manager

Their knowledge of HIPAA and the changes in security has been a great asset. With the many challenges in the healthcare industry it is great to work with a vendor you can trust. The 20 handles our IT needs so our physicians can concentrate on patient care.

- Leslie M., Medical Practice

We’ve expanded our operations from 3 locations to 5 and increased our staff by 25% and we have more locations and staff coming online in the next 6 months. This was previously unthinkable with our limited resources. The 20 has allowed us to scale in ways we never could before!

- Paul Boudreau, Director of IT, Chicago Journeyman Plumbers

Our old IT company nickeled and dimed us to death and we used to only call when something was going wrong. I really like having a monthly agreement and knowing the person that I am speaking to have MY interest first. Knowing I can call The 20 (even on Saturday Morning, and I have) is such a huge load off my mind.

- Jill Coale, Sawyer Surgery Clinic

The size of their team and responsive help desk means I no longer have to wait on one person to fix my problems, even on the weekends. Companies that are dependent on technology need the kind of prompt, quality service that The 20 provides.

- James E. Hacker, Managing Partner for E. Jones Hacker Murphy LLP

The 20 kept us operational during the largest expansion in the firm’s history. When we needed to make the cutover, everything you guys did made it work on the first try.

- John Farina, Senior Partner for Boyes, Farina, & Matwiczyk

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