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MSP Spotlight: KITE IT Pro

Meet Joe Martinez of KITE IT Pro!


Tell us a little about your MSP…

KITE IT Pro’s headquarters are in Tucson, AZ.  In 2014, we started off as a consumer/business break-fix company and made the decision to primarily focus solely on managed services in 2018.

How long have you been a member of The 20?

We have been a member of The 20 for a little over 4 months.

Why did your MSP originally look to partner with The 20?

The size of our company really forced us to look to partner with The 20.  Scaling our service delivery was a huge issue for us.  We were not in the position to hire technicians or take on clients over a certain size in fear of service overload.  As we added new clients, we were essentially growing ourselves out of business.

Tell us about the biggest change in your business since joining The 20.

CONFIDENCE.  We knew that we delivered our clients great IT service, we just lacked confidence in scaling.  Partnering with The 20 has allowed us to discover the difference between scaling our service and scaling our business.

What do you like most about being a member of The 20?

We love the community of The 20.  The engagement between partners is priceless.  In this industry, every company holds their secret sauce under lock and key.  As members of The 20 community, we are learning from seasoned industry veterans on how to successfully grow and protect our business.

What do you think is the most important quality necessary for success?

Hard work.  The 20 is designed to alleviate growing pains.  Everything you need to grow your business is in The 20.  Hard work is not just defined on the hours you put into delivering service, hard work is also defined by the ability change who you are as an owner, partner, and as a company.  Change is the hardest work you will ever have to do.

What are your biggest business challenges?

The biggest challenge we face is lead generation. It is always the principal challenge for each IT service company.

What are your areas of focus for 2020?

Lead generation and building a sales pipeline.  Now that we can scale our service delivery, we can “get out” in front of potential clients and develop our business.  The ability to get out from “behind the console” has been invaluable.  We can make more effort towards focusing on lead generation and sales which is paramount to our success.

What advice would you share with an MSP looking to scale their business?

If you are looking to grow your MSP, join The 20.  Stop wasting effort in hiring help desk technicians or getting yourself stuck “behind the console”.  The 20 gives your company the freedom to focus on lead generation and sales…the scaling is provided. We wish we would have done this back in 2018.

What book are you currently reading?

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen – Donald Miller

Favorite blogs / podcasts

Cyware Daily Threat Intelligence – Cyware Labs

Frankly IT (podcast)

Connecting The Channel (podcast)


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