Problem Solved! | Trent Shaw, Support Technician

QuickBooks Printing Issue

Recently, one of our Live Call Technicians, Trent Shaw, had encountered a problem where an MSP client called in and said she couldn’t print correctly out of QuickBooks. She said all of the logos that were supposed to appear on the page weren’t printing as they were supposed to.

So, Trent went in and first confirmed that she could print normally from the printer in question, over and over again — to make sure that was working correctly — and it was. Then, he went in and confirmed that the print settings in QuickBooks were also set up correctly — that, too, was in working order!

To find the problem, Trent decided that he needed to open the template that they were using to print from, and check out if there were any issues there. It was here that he found the culprit: the JPEG that she was using for the logo turned out to be corrupt!

Trent found another photo of the logo, created a new file for it, and replaced the corrupted one inside the template. As soon as that was done, she was told to print out the document again, and sure enough: it printed out correctly.

And that was that! The resolution had been found, and from that point on, that customer ceased to have any problems printing through QuickBooks!

Thanks, Trent!