How One of Our MSP Partners Saved the Day

You don’t think it can happen to you until it does.

The 20’s clients can be up and running the day after a disaster.

One of our MSP partners, We Are Service, saved the day for Ryan O’Neal Autos, under incredibly unfortunate circumstances. After suffering a devastating fire, they had the client back in business with phones and computers hooked up; with all of their critical data restored, the following morning. They lost hours of business, not days, weeks, or months!

Here’s the full story, from the dealership:

On Thursday night, March 23, 2017, our dealership had a devastating fire that began around 9:30 pm. The prompt response of our brave firefighters was crucial, but equally important were the critical actions taken by our IT service provider, We Are Service.

While the building was still burning, I called We Are Service and James Taylor came to the scene at once. James entered the building once it was safe, and with the fire department’s permission. James ‘rescued’ our server first, and then several other computers. Moving quickly, we were fortunate to be able to secure a temporary location to set up business next door in the unused space of an auto detail business.

James and the We Are Service team worked through the night restoring our data to a temporary server, setting up telephone service, and reconfiguring some loaner computers to operate at the new location before our business even opened that Friday, March 24th. With some equipment and furniture loaned to us by Amarillo National Bank, and with We Are Service’s continuing efforts, our business never was closed. In spite of the fire and total loss that was reported widely in our local media, we experienced zero down time. It’s nothing short of a miracle that with the We Are Service team’s monumental efforts and exceptional customer service, our business was up and running the following morning and we were selling cars uninterrupted!

Of course, when we constructed our new building last year, James and his team came out and got everything wired and set back up for business. With 24/7/365 help through The 20, We Are Service is our managed IT department. Taking their advice on the new location, we continue to save money to this day with our new VoIP phone system they recommended and installed.

James and We Are Service were strongly recommended by one of our clients several years ago and holy smokes we are so fortunate that we took that advice!

Enjoy the video testimonial from Ryan O’Neal Autos’ Sales Manager, Michael Conrad, below: