Baselines: What’s in your IT estate?

Baselines: What’s in your IT estate?

Heroes get business. When a customer thinks of you as a hero, they become your advocate. That same customer will run out into their network and let everyone know that you are the hero everyone needs. That same customer will also come back to you with future needs.  All thanks to you informing them of Crayon Baselines.

Crayon Baselines is the beginning of the journey to optimization. The software compliance path begins with a Microsoft Baseline and ends with Agreement Optimization. Packaged separately, they work hand in hand so you can earn revenue, valuable customer insights, and reduce churn, which leads you to a big pile of cash. The Baseline is the gateway.

What is the Baseline, and how does it drive attach?

Through a Microsoft Baseline, Crayon offers your customers visibility into their entire Microsoft Software Estate. Foundationally, the Baseline shows your customer’s license entitlement vs. usage. 83% of the time, customer license utilization is imbalanced. As a Crayon partner, you will get to play the hero when you deliver data that demonstrates the sky is falling. You don your cape by delivering a comprehensive entitlement report to position the path forward.

If Baselines present the path to the solution, Agreement Optimization is the solution. In Agreement Optimization, Crayon will look at the Baselines, determine future needs, and make recommendations for optimizing the license agreement. Crayon will give you the playbook and sit side by side with you, ensuring the license agreement drives savings and growth for your customer. Together with Crayon and The 20, you walk away, looking like the hero.


Join Crayon March 4th at 10am CST for a Leadership Webinar featuring John Rex former CFO of Microsoft. Your participation is encouraged; so, please come with questions!