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MSP Lessons Learned in 2019

Can you believe 2020 is here? It’s a brand new decade!

It’s a great time to reflect on on the lessons learned last year, and to set intentions for what we wish to create for the rest of the year! These are the tops MSP lessons learned by our members in 2019. Check them out!

We posed the question to our members: As an MSP, what’s one lesson you learned in 2019? 


Plan, Execute, Review, Revise, & Repeat.

“Setting quarterly objectives and being accountable to them is critical to evolving as an organization.  I would even go so far as breaking those down monthly as well.  Big picture goals are great, but if you don’t pay attention to them often enough it is easy to lose sight of organizational priorities.  Plan, Execute, Review, Revise, & Repeat.” – Gary Blawat, Businertia Group

Track Your Progress

“Write down your yearly, three years, and five year plans. Then break the yearly plans into manageable quarterly plans. Track your progress and keep pushing, especially when behind on the plans. We came verrrry close to hitting a big goal for the year that was definitely a stretch goal.” – Kevin Peterson, Peterson Technology Group

​Always Be Looking Forward

“Growth does not come without pain and sacrifice but as long as you stay true to your goals, success will come. We have added great people and in order to keep that momentum you need to involve your team in interviewing new people. Mentor as much as you can and find your own mentor to surround yourself in growth. Always be looking forward and not backwards!” – Jeff Davis, Southern Data Solutions

​Marketing is Crucial

“Marketing can be very effective and it is necessary to grow a company.” – George Monroy, Monroy IT Services

​Security is a Necessity, not a Buzzword

“2019 reinforced security as a necessity not a buzz word.  With MSPs and their supply chain being actively targeted and compromised, our hard-work and dedication to securing our systems, our vendors (and booting those that refused to harden theirs), and our client’s networks let us stand out from some unfortunate other competitors here in our marketplace.” – Caleb Brown, JS Computek

“I’ve learned that even though security is always in the front of my mind for my customers. I also have to focus on the security of the vendors/products that an MSP uses as well.” – Brad Daugherty, Hoola Technology


We hope you enjoyed reading these MSP lessons learned from The 20 members. If you’re looking to take your MSP to the next level in 2020, contact us to learn more about The 20. Don’t miss The 20’s upcoming MSP Sales Academy – learn more here!